Residential Security

ALS service and install most major brand residential alarm systems available in Australia. Including, Paradox, Bosch, Crow, Reliance, NX, Hills and more. There are key differences between a commercial and residential alarm system, both in requirements and performance. At ALS we know these differences. We can design a system to suit your individual and your families needs based on your lifestyle and your residence. There are many advanced control devices and features available on some panels. These include touch screen keypads, intelligent remote controls, door access interfaces, wireless detection devices, wireless telemetry devices, control Apps, C-Bus integration and many more. Ethernet interfaces are also an important feature of any residential panel, this gives the user the ability to control the alarm, receive reports, send commands and view history all via an App and email on your Apple or Android device. Keep informed of your alarm status at all times. Has my housekeeper arrive? Are my kids home from school? Alarms monitored by our control room will ensure there is a watchful eye over your premises at all times. Giving you peace of mind knowing your home and valuable property are being cared for 24 / 7. Line monitoring and connection to our control room can be performed by PSTN ( traditional copper phone connection) GSM ( traditional mobile phone dialer) or by the high security GPRS ( a polled device in constant communication with the control room).

Keep it safe... ALS lock it


We service and install a large selection of residential equipment. Our residential systems can be as simple as analogue infra red cameras and digital recorders, right through to full IP megapixel vision in the high end residential market . A large selection of cameras and recorders are available dependent on your requirements, however to ensure system performance and reliability we will usually recommend the best equipment to suit your application. Residential CCTV is an excellent way of keeping an eye on your home, while you're away. Coupled with an alarm system, get instant search results and confirmation of any reported alarm activity via the vision App. Vision can also be distributed through your flat screen system for instant access to your camera's while you at home. View external areas day or night, view visitors or any external activity.

Access Control

We service and install a large range of residential access control systems. These systems may form part of your alarm control or intercom equipment or may act as a stand alone system to operate a single door or gate. There are great benefits to having access control in a residential environment. no keys to fuss with, no lock outs, no rekey's if keys are lost and also has the benefit of controlling any visitors or service personnel with access rights and time scheduling. Determine the access rights of your maintenance staff, issue them a code that is valid Mon - Fri 12.00 - 4.00 for example.


We service and install most major intercom brands in Australia. Such as Aiphone, Jacques, Boyd, National Communication and many more. Intercoms are designed as a traditional analogue audio communicator right through to a sophisticated IP based video and audio system with telephony integration. These systems can be as simple a a single door station to a reception handset or as sophisticated as a high rise accommodation block with vehicle and elevator communication / access.
As with most of our systems integration is possible with both access control, CCTV and alarm for total system control. Integration is also possible to your existing telephone system, no internal intercom handset is required, the door station dials directly to your phone system.