Commercial Security

Alarms / Monitoring

Alarm systems are introduced as a stand-alone or incorporated into a larger integrated alarm / access control platform. This is always dependent on the site structure and level of interface and control required of the system. One of the key advantages of an integrated system is having control of your alarm and doors via your access card. Last staff member to leave simply presents their card at the exit door, the system automatically checks, seals, locks doors, turns off lights, turns off air conditioning and activates alarm all with the swipe of their card. Next person in with a valid card, checks, opens door, turns on building control and deactivates alarm. No codes to remember, no fumbling with keypads just let the system do the work for you. We can match existing base building card credentials, to enable one card to enter building and enter your tenancy. Design a network based software control package, and assist in integration to your existing network structure. We tailor a system to specifically suit your project or commercial premises. Many alarm reporting devices are available for these systems including traditional PIR and Reed switches as well as Duress, PE Beams, Temp control, seismic and telemetry sensors and many more. Alarms monitored by our control room will ensure there is a watchful eye over your premises at all times. Giving you peace of mind knowing your office and valuable property are being cared for 24 / 7. Line monitoring and connection to our control room can be performed by PSTN ( traditional copper phone connection) GSM ( traditional mobile phone dialer) or by the high security GPRS ( a polled device in constant communication with the control room ). After a thorough assessment of the premises, our systems are carefully installed to ensure we meet all requirements set out within our industry legislation. Once hardware installation is complete, system commissioning and programming are performed after careful consultation to establish system requirements. Most importantly, we are there to provide product support and staff training on system software and operation.


At ALS we are on the cutting edge of CCTV technologies. Our systems include traditional analogue cameras and DVR recording devices along with the latest IP megapixel based cameras and recording equipment. CCTV has seen many advancements in recent years in both system design and performance. We believe it is critical that we remain in the cutting edge of this technology to enable us to deliver an appropriate solution to our clients. System structure will be dependent on your site requirements. However, with careful design and application of appropriate hardware we can deliver to you a system that is both reliable and performs to all of your expectations. With the incorporation of a Ethernet interface, your CCTV system can be monitored remotely via a PC or smartphone. At the touch of a button view both live and recorded footage straight from your smart device. With many years experience in implementing CCTV security solutions and 20 years in the security industry we understand your security needs - you can be certain that ALS can be trusted with your business premises security.

Access Control

We offer the latest and some of the industry's most recognized platforms in access control systems. We are authorized installers of most major brands distributed in Australia. Including Challenger, Concept, Genesis, Nidac, Protege, Paradox, HID, CS, Passan, Bosch and many more. These systems can range from a simple stand alone door or gate, right through to multi level high rise systems incorporating lift and vehicle access, and large facility sites such as manufacturing plants and education institutions. With the ability to structure systems over Ethernet is is possible to control multiple sites with one access database. Multi site integration has many benefits for some of our larger clients giving them the ability to seamlessly move between sites without carrying multiple access cards. All controlled from one database. Multiple cards formats are available dependent on your security requirements, while standard radio frequency access cards are suitable for many applications we also recommend and install a higher level of encrypted card format for additional security and card protection. In today's environment manipulation of card credentials is becoming a greater than ever risk. Access control systems can be integrated into alarms and other systems in the building, such as vehicle access, building air-conditioning and lighting, automated building functions, and much more. We are only theoretically limited to, as they say, your imagination. After meeting with our certified security technician , we can create a tailor made access control solution for any size project. We don't send salespeople or estimators, we send a qualified experienced technician for your site assessment, this way your receive accurate and well researched advice.


We service and install most major intercom brands in Australia such as Aiphone, Jacques, Boyd, National Communication and many more. Intercoms are designed as a traditional analogue audio communicator right through to a sophisticated IP based video and audio system with telephony integration.
These systems can be as simple a a single door station to a reception handset or as sophisticated as a high rise accommodation block with vehicle and elevator communication / access.
As with most of our systems integration is possible with both access control, CCTV and alarm for total system control. Integration is also possible to your existing telephone system, no internal intercom handset is required, the door station dials directly to your phone system.